Friday, May 31, 2013

Making it Facebook Official

So, I have some big big news! (Well, maybe not big for those of you who have been reading along without me posting to Facebook.) We are pregnant and will officially be in the second trimester TOMORROW!!! I was trying to hold out until tomorrow to tell, but I figured, what is one day anyway?  Especially when some people consider 12 weeks to be an appropriate time to start spilling the beans.  So far everything has been going really well. We saw the baby and heartbeat at 6 and a half weeks.  Then last Wednesday we had another good checkup and got to hear baby's heartbeat.  It was good and strong and made me completely break down.  She/he was moving around and the doctor had to chase her/him around with the doppler.  So we've got a feisty little fighter in there, and I am over the moon!

As far as my pregnancy thus far, I have been eagerly awaiting the second trimester and all its promises of no more morning sickness.  (Morning my ASS.  Lets try all day and night sickness.  Who the hell came up with that phrase anyway?  Had to have been a man.)  It seemed that I was starting to get better last week.  I was bragging to people about how my new medicine worked so much better, and how I felt like a human again, and how I must be one of the lucky ones to get rid of the MS before the first trimester.  And then Sunday happened, and I realize that Baby Swann is a trickster too.  But hey, whatever it takes to keep her/him feisty and fighting and being a trickster is what I will do.  I'm just praying that my body decides this whole morning sickness thing is no longer a necessity.

So here we are, about to begin a trimester we've never been in before.  I'm so excited for what the next 6 months will bring us! I'm dying to meet this new little person we've created.  But not until December!


  1. Yay!!!!!!
    Love you, Sarah!

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS! TIME TO BY SOCK MONKEYS! (^_^)