Saturday, April 13, 2013

So, I figured it would be good to do a post to try to let off some steam.  I will say that being pregnant after suffering a loss (or losses) is an extremely nerve wracking experience.  I want this to be our baby so badly, but past experience has me terrified.  I broke down crying a couple of nights ago due to a bout of fairly strong cramping. I haven't had any bleeding, and they didn't last long, but they still scared the hell out of me.  I know cramping is normal.  All of my friends have told me they cramped and that the cramps got bad at times.  The NP at the doctor's office told me cramping is normal as long as there is no bleeding.  So many women in the due date group I'm a member of have some cramping, and they are all fine. But for me, cramping in pregnancy = lost little one.  It has never been normal for me. And so any cramping freaks me out.  I'm terrified that we won't make it to our first ultrasound.  I know that worrying about it is not going to make it any better.  At this point there's really nothing else we can do to encourage this one to stay and grow.  So I'm trying to relax and enjoy it.  But its hard to get past the past.

I'm hoping that once Wednesday gets here, I'll be able to relax some.  If our little bean is measuring properly and we are able to see a heartbeat, I will know that all this cramping is completely normal.  But until I see a healthy little embryo, I don't think I'll be able to chill out.  And even after that, we'll have six long weeks until we're out of the first trimester.  I remember being so excited (and clueless) our first pregnancy.  Not a care in the world.  I just assumed that once you get pregnant, you stay that way.  I was going to have a baby in 9 months, wooo!  Of course, I was wrong.  And all of that beautiful pregnancy innocence shattered all around me.  I would really love to have some of it back.

I guess I will just continue to cling desperately to the fact that I feel like complete and utter doggy doo.  Its insane to feel so thankful for every wave of nausea, every bout of ridiculously fiery esophagus, and complete and utter exhaustion.  But I am.  And if I could go ahead and start throwing up already, that would be really awesome.  I feel like I need to all the time anyway.  Just go ahead and do it, body! No one likes to vomit, but vomiting = pregnancy, so I'll take it!  I just want this to be a healthy, happy, sticky baby that we get to take home with us.  And I would do anything at this point to make it happen.


  1. How far along are you again? I know it doesn't help (that much), but I will again repeat THE CRAMPS ARE NORMAL. I had a few nights where they were so bad that they woke me up in the middle of the night. But I think, truly, the anxiety doesn't go away, it just transmutes into something else. You almost have to take a mindfulness approach. Accept the anxiety. Don't fight it, and just try to figure out a way to live with it in a healthy way that's not incapacitating.

  2. I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday and keeping everything crossed.

    After three losses, I totally get this. I wanted to vomit, to be nauseous, to "feel like complete and utter doggy doo"* so badly with the last one, because I needed something to reassure me that I was pregnant. Yet, as you know, cramps *aren't* the reassuring symptom we want.

    Oh, to have that pregnancy innocence back.

    * Favorite phrase of the day, btw!