Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's been a few days since my last post.  I figured if I posted every day people would get bored, and I would have nothing to say.  It'd be a blog about me waking up and eating breakfast.  Excitement.  Then I would resort to throwing in what I ate for lunch to spice things up, and no one would read it again.  EVER.  So I have resisted the narcissistic urge to talk about myself every day and only made it to Saturday.  Ah, well, at least I tried.

So first and foremost: Surgery.  I had to call my doctor's office and finally got a date (I think.....) of February 15th.  Happy Valentine's Day!  Let's cut a hole in your tummy!  Whoot!  They initially wanted to do it next Friday, and that was all sorts of not possible.  For one, that is way too soon.  I am not ready.  Mark is not ready.  My mom is not ready.  Plus, we are going to Gatlinburg for the semi-annual family trip with Mark's family next weekend, and I would much rather be on vacation than chilling out at home with holes in my tummy.  So she moved it back a month.  They were supposed to call and confirm and give me the time and dates of all my pre-op stuff, but that has yet to happen.  I figure I will call on Monday and try to get it figured out.  Hopefully everything will be confirmed soon.  I hate being in limbo.

In other news, (haha, I think my life is news...) I did Yoga for the first time on Wednesday and LOVED it.  It was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, and I was surprisingly sore afterward.  But people were right, it is very relaxing.  I felt so relaxed, and de-stressed, and carefree once we were finished.  I would really like to start doing it twice a week and as luck would have it, the Sportsplex offers it on Sundays and Wednesdays.  I'm turning into quite the little gym rat, but I love it. I also went up on weight in Bodypump on Thursday night and although I'm a little sore, I'm not as sore as I thought I would be.  I'm also moving a little closer to my goal of teaching Zumba and have found a certification course in July in Atlanta that I will be attending.  I still have to sign up for it and pay for it, but I'm holding out to make sure that the surgery (or surgeries if she cannot remove everything) gets rid of the issues I've been having while exercising.  Its a little difficult to teach people (or you know, move) when you're balled up on the floor trying not to die because your uterus is staging a coup.

Ok folks, I have been ignoring my poor husband long enough.  I will go ahead and leave you with your IPSA of the day!!

IPSA: When talking to a couple (or a person that is part of a couple) that is having difficulty conceiving a child, do not ask them whose fault it is.  For one, that's incredibly rude and insensitive and for two, it implies that someone did something wrong and is to blame.  It is NO ONE'S fault, and to have it implied that it is, is incredibly insulting.  Also, many cases of infertility aren't as cut and dry as that.  About 1/3 of infertility cases are attributed to both the man and the woman, and in 10% of the cases, no problem can be found (oh the joy of unexplained infertility).  For more quick infertility facts, go here.


  1. I found your blog link on Fertility Friend. I am loving it-especially the IPSA!

    1. Yay! I'm glad you like it! I know that reading blogs from other ladies going through the same thing have been a huge help for me, so I am glad you are enjoying them!