Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So, I'm a bit annoyed right now.  My doctor's appointment went well.  She agreed that doing an exploratory laparoscopy is the best move to try to figure out for sure that I have endometriosis.  If I do, and its only at stage I or II, she can remove it while she's in there looking around.  Anything more advanced would require a second lap with another surgeon.  She told me that she we will be doing the lap the second Friday in February, but she would have to call me today and let me know for sure as the O.R. scheduling people had left for the day.  Well, it is now after 5pm their time, and I have yet to hear anything.  Call me crazy, but I would like to know when I am having it done so that I can start preparing.  My mother and Mark have already said that they will be more than happy to help me out the first week after the procedure but of course need to know when said procedure is going to be.  The sooner I let them know, the sooner they will be able to ask off of work or move their schedules around.  So basically everyone is on stand-by until they call me to let me know when they are going to open me up. So I sit here, by the phone, waiting and waiting.  But alas, no one is calling.

In other news, I am starting yoga tonight and am super excited.  For years everyone and their brother has been telling me to do yoga.  It seems I'm always tense and stressed, and they feel yoga will help.  We shall see.  I also have an interview with a temp agency tomorrow.  I'm thinking short temp jobs would be just the thing to do until all this surgery mess is over and done with.

Well ladies and gentlemen, that is really all the news I have at the moment.  I will leave you with a short Infertility Public Service Announcement (IPSA).  I shall be doing one per blog with the exception of yesterday.  So the IPSA of the day is:

To all health care professionals (and anyone else interested):  If you are responsible for completing questionnaires with a female patient and you must ask her how many pregnancies she has had, please do not assume that pregnancy automatically equals children.  It is extremely awkward and uncomfortable for the patient to inform you that although she has had 2 pregnancies, she does not have any children.  So just stick to the "How many pregnancies?" followed by "How many live births? (Because birth does not always = living children either)".  It will help to avoid any awkwardness or potential throat punches if said patient is having a bad day.  

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  1. So glad you started yoga tonight! Hope it helped a little.